Velosure offer peace of mind by covering your road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, BMX, fixie, vintage or custom builds.

As bicycle and cycling enthusiasts Velosure Bicycle Insurance offers genuinely specific insurance for both bicycles and riders that standard house and contents insurance just doesn’t cater for.
For example we have policies that can cover bikes on the roof of your car, or in the hold of a plane, when your weekend racing or training in the bunch.
So if you love riding we help ensure it is always a part of your life.
Our goal is to give you peace of mind every time you turn the pedals and should things go awry, to get you back on the bike as quickly as possible.
We invite you to get a quote now, or call one of our expert staff on 1300 83 56 78.
We’re always happy to talk about bikes and riding!


For more information or to just wish us luck, you know what to do.